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The quality of the learning and nurturing in the primary years is fundamental to children’s success as learners in later years. Learning is hands-on, interactive, creative, purposeful and investigative to encourage an inquiring mind. In the early years, Prep- Year 3, we strongly focus on the development of each child and foster a love of learning through a combination of observation, play and a strong, balanced skills program, including phonics.

Learning to read well is an essential skill for all children; therefore, we give our students the best foundation using Letters and Sounds, a structured phonics approach. They can then focus on using understandings to investigate, question and apply learning.

As students progress through Years 4-6, teachers remain committed to developing the strengths of each child, incorporating opportunities to develop confidence and resilience. In preparing students to be successful life-long learners, they are taught to be independent, work collaboratively, solve problems, persist, think flexibly, take responsible risks, question, create, communicate with clarity and love learning.

The curriculum goals are formed from the Australian Curriculum. The learning framework is based on Understanding by Design. This means teachers think carefully about the intended learning and plan from that intention. Our learning program caters for a range of learning needs and abilities. This is achieved through the application of a variety of teaching strategies, differentiation within tasks and dynamic student groupings.


The college assembly and devotional program are integral to the Christian curriculum goal of developing the whole child, physically, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Compassion, kindness and respect are characteristics cherished at Red Rock Christian College, and such loving attitudes and behaviours are fostered in actions and speech. Our students are encouraged to appreciate and respond to God’s creation with wonderment and to value each other. They are encouraged to participate in daily devotions and prayer time.

Students benefit from the care of dedicated professional teachers who are committed to teaching and demonstrating Christian values within a curriculum designed to lay a strong foundation for future years.

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