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Red Rock Christian College is committed to maintaining discipline, which is firm, fair and consistent with upholding our values as a Christian school.


Red Rock Christian College prohibits the use of corporal punishment. Our discipline policy is designed to support a safe and nurturing environment in which equality and respect is shown to all our community members. It strives to bring about inward change rather than merely outward control. The staff are involved in developing Christian character such as love, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness and integrity.


It is expected that each student will endeavour to keep all of the College regulations and show respect for those placed in positions of authority.

Behaviour expectations of students are developed around:

Demonstrating respect for the rights and comfort of other members of the school at all times.


This will be evident in the care and honesty in regard to other people’s property, cleanliness and tidiness in the classrooms and around the school, and the kind of behaviour that does not inconvenience or injure other members of the school. This respect will be evidenced also in support and encouragement for other students and consideration for the feelings of others

Developing personal qualities to bring credit to themselves, their parents and their school. 


This will be evident by the careful and considerate behaviour displayed by students of this school when travelling to and from school, at school and in their social life. All students are to keep their appearance neat and tidy and to wear correct school uniform with pride. 

Demonstrating respect for oneself.

This will be evident in upholding school regulations that do not permit the consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes or to be in possession of such items while on school premises/or excursions or in school uniform, refraining from viewing and or being in possession of material that is offensive, refraining from using language that is degrading or dishonouring of oneself or others.

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