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Year 3 - 6 Camps


Sovereign Hill, Ballarat VIC

Mill Valley Ranch, Tynong North VIC

One of the most exciting and memorable aspects of school is the fun and challenge of going on a camp. Camps are an integral part of the learning program from year three and add a depth to classroom learning; providing a wonderful opportunity to strengthen friendships and explore new places.
Each camp provides opportunities to think, inquire and reflect upon our personal development, the world we live in and where we want to head into the future.

On every camp we aim to develop community and to build quality relationships between students and staff. We aim to encourage our students to take on new challenges with confidence and resiliency. New experiences open up new perspectives and options that can be further explored into the future.

The curriculum is enhanced at Red Rock Christian College with a range of exciting incursions and excursions.  Where ever possible enduring understandings are reinforced with real-life application which often takes children out of the classroom or brings specialist and guest visitors to the classroom.

This provides a depth of experience and a variety of ways to reinforce learning that couldn’t otherwise  be achieved.

Secondary Camps


The Summit,  Trafalgar East VIC

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