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I must admit that there is some degree of nervous trepidation along with huge amounts of excitable expectation in the knowledge th

at we have before us a blank canvas in the area of secondary education. It is most exciting because a blank canvas allows for lots of dreaming, and co-creating.

It is not our intention to just do what has been done before. This is not what God has called any of us to do. What we have been called to do is to create an environment which reveals God’s kingdom, and in doing so all else will follow: The ‘all else’ that follows are the values, hopes, character, relationships, learning and growth that we plan for and set out to see established.

What we believe is that every young person who comes into our school was created by God purposefully- intentionally. Schooling should be about each young person discovering that purpose and developing the character, passion, and skills to live out that purpose.

This is where the co-creating comes into it. It begins with our relationship with God. He is limitless in his creative ideas for how to create an environment in which his children flourish. It includes our relationship with our students. After all – education is about them. We are excited to be able to join with them and with you their parents in creating a culture, a structure, an environment that genuinely sees what they need in order to become all they have been created to be. The students seem to be excited about this as well. They have been asked to dream, to be bold and to join with us in filling our blank canvas.

It is early days, and as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the process is what is important. It is the process that refines us, through challenges, mistakes, deep thinking, and remaking. It is in the process that we become all we were created to be.

This blank canvas now has the first traces of the masterpiece God is creating – it is beautiful.

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